Preform Technologies are specialist manufacturers of Knitted Industrial Textiles for a diverse range of applications, using three-dimensional knitting technology to manufacture purpose-built engineered fabrics for GRP Preforms, tapes and tubing, filtration and protective fabrics.

An innovative approach combined with expertise in fabric engineering and the ability to process various fibre types ensures cost-effective solutions to many problems encountered by designers, engineers and technologists.

The development of performance textiles and substrate materials is driven by the requirement to provide lighter weight stronger more efficient materials in both rigid and flexible forms increasing the already demanding specification of the finished product.

The challenge to deliver both performance with efficient manufacturing is one our knitted fabrics and 3-D performs can achieve by providing pre-formed or shaped articles ready for use in application, either to be loaded directly into an injection mould or as part of a component assembly, reducing the need to fabricate or significantly tailor to fit, increasing efficiency by reducing handling time and waste

Development & Production.
Many customers often require a quick indicative idea of the production cost and end use functionality of their product. In other words fast answers to the questions of “Will it work? and How much will it cost?” Furthermore, typically during a development process time vs. cost constraints can limit the effort given to evaluating the merits of numerous possibilities.

This is where quick and informed decisions save time and money, although hardly ever are two customer’s products alike, at Preform Technologies we understand the manufacturing process and derive the benefits of low cost set up that our technology can offer.

Delivering a quick and reliable service where costs are identified and the products are manufactured as efficiently as possible.

The company is Quality accredited to ISO 9001:2008


As part of our programme of continuous improvement and plant upgrading, we have taken delivery of our new Multi-Gauge  6-12gg Machine.  Commissioning trials are underway and results are looking promising.